Taiwan Accounting Association is a non-profit corporation. It aims to advance the academic and practical standards of accounting, and promote the creation and sharing of knowledge in the accounting community. It was initiated by Professor Ding-wang Zheng (Department of Accounting of the Chengchi University) in 1995.

Organizational Chart


Taiwan Accounting Review
Taiwan Accounting Review is published jointly by Taiwan Accounting Association. The journal, in English and Chinese, seeks to publish original articles. The journal is issued semiannually. Authors who wish to submit manuscript can submit online: http://www.ipress.tw/J0112
TAA Newsletter
The content of the newsletter of the society covers the affairs of the society, the introduction of outstanding members of the society and their contributions, the introduction of new knowledge and control of the seminar. Welcome to submit a lot of advanced papers, and hope to connect with members and improve interactive.


Any citizen of the Republic of China and concurs with the charter put forth by the Association can apply for the membership under the condition that the individual possesses one of the following qualifications:
  1.  Full Membership:An individual who concurs with the charter of the Association and obtains approval from the Council of the Association
  2. Group Membership:Accounting-related teaching, research institutions, government agencies, accounting firms, and corporate groups who agree with the purpose of the Association.
  3. Associate Membership-for student only:Students enrolled in accounting and related departments

Membership Fees: